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What is the Memory for Mac?

Memory is Timely's tool that records everything you work on that records everything you work on to a beautiful private timeline. It captures the files you've worked on, websites you've visited on your computer, events you've attended, and places you've visited. 

It works automatically in the background while you work, so you don't have to manually track your time or remember what you've worked on. By capturing everything you do, you get a complete picture of what you work on each day.

How do I set up Memory Mac?

First, download it! There are three places you can do so:

1.) When creating your account for the first time, you'll be prompted to download the Memory for Mac. Just click on the big, green Download Memory button.

2.) If you didn't install Memory when creating your account, don't worry. Just head to your  Memory Timeline, click on the Memory Apps dropdown menu and select the Memory for Mac. 

3. Alternatively, download Memory from Settings > Apps tab.

Once you've downloaded Memory, save the zip file & add the app to your Applications folder.

Launch Memory!

It will show up in your menu bar; just sign in with your Timely account e-mail.

Then just turn tracking ON to start tracking all your work automatically.

If you want to turn tracking off, just toggle the button back to the left. When Memory is off, Timely doesn't collect any data. Just be sure to turn it back on when you need to track your hours!

Select "Launch on Startup" so you never miss a billable hour again!

We think it's a really great idea to have this selected. This way, you won't forget to turn Memory on after restarting your computer!

What are the OS requirements?

The minimum required version of macOS is High Sierra 10.13. 

What apps can I use with Memory?

Memory can track time spent in any web or desktop app ever created. We also have bespoke integrations with Google Calendar, Office 365/Outlook Calendar, Gmail, Todoist, Trello, Asana, GitHub to capture a little more detail for your timesheets. Timely's location tracking for Android and iOS can also capture the time you spend in different locations.

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