Timely's keyboard shortcuts make it ridiculously fast and easy to log or plan tasks in your calendar. Most of them are intuitive 🔮 enough for you to just give it a try, but here's the full breakdown:

  • Tab to navigate a time entry: When creating or editing a time entry, use the tab key (forward) or shift+tab (backward) to navigate sections inside of the pop-up. 
  • Submit (enter): You can hit enter to save an entry - as long as logged or planned time is already entered. 
  • Esc: Closes the time entry pop-up without saving.
  • Option + Click and drag (for Mac): Copy an entry to different days in Week view.
  • Alt + Click and drag (for Windows): Copy an entry to different days in Week view.
  • Shift + Enter: Create a new line in the Note editor of your entry.

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