Setting hourly rates for a project is a good idea so you can track against your project's budget. It's also just good to see how much money you are logging on every hour. 😉 *If you are editing a hourly rate globally for a project or individually, it's really important to note that changing the hourly rate on a project will cause all hours previously logged on that project to be changed as well.

Set the user hourly rates per project on the Project page:

  1. Head over to the Project section (make sure you're using the web browser version of Timely, or the Mac or Windows app!)
  2. Click on the project you want to edit.
  3. Click on Edit Project button in the top right corner of the screen. It will bring you to a page similar to the image blow. Head down to the Hourly Rate section.

4. You'll then have three different options to select what type of hourly rate the project will have.

Set the same rate for everyone on the project, set individual rates for each person, or make the project not billable.

4 a). If you want to Set the same rate for everyone on the project follow these steps below:

Type in the hourly rate that you'd like to see used for everyone that is apart of the project you are editing. 

You'll notice that everyone you have selected to be in included on that project will have their hourly rates auto-populated with the value you chose.

4 b). If you want to Set Individual Rates follow these steps below:

Tick off the box next to each user to allow that user access to the project. Next, plug in whatever hourly rate you want to use on that project for each user.

4 c.) If you decide the project is not billable, then you don't need to worry about any hourly rates for users on the project.

Set a user's per project rate on the user's permission page:

Individual hourly rates per project

  1. Head over to the User section.
  2. Click on the user you want to edit.
  3. Select Per Project Rates for the user -
    This will allow you to adjust project rates on a project that doesn't have a global rate already assigned to the project.
  • Projects with already assigned global rates will be grey and you won't be able to edit those.
  • Projects that are Non-billable, will state Non-billable

Setting a Global rate for a user

If you set a Global rate for a user, it will auto-populate all projects this person is apart of with their set hourly rate on projects that have Choose an individual rate for each user in the project's setting selected (shown near the top of this page)

  1. Head over to the User section and click on that.
  2. Click on the user you want to edit.
  3. Select Global Rate for the user
    This will enable your ability to use that set rate on any project that has been selected to use an individual hourly rate.
  4. Set the rate you wish to use on every project that user is apart of, again it will only apply if you have "Choose an individual rate for each user" selected.
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