Why should I use the control page and what the heck is it anyways?

The Control Page is a great place to easily and quickly see who has been awesome logging their hours and who has been naughty not entering their time. šŸ˜± This is perfect for team leads to maintain control over their team and make sure they're absolutely on point and on schedule! You can set a target amount of hours that your team members need to log and see who reached the goal and who didn't.

Who can use the Control page?

Control is for your company's account. This is where managers or team leads can see if people on their team have logged their hours. User's with the access levels of Admin and Normal user will be able to see Control.

How do I use it?

Set a threshold of when hours are recognized as completed. Depending on the set threshold, all hours will have a color status: Solid Green, Light green, and Red to indicate if hours have been logged or not.

Complete hours:

  • Solid Green: The total logged or planned hours have met the set hour threshold. i.e. logged 8 hours for a threshold of 7.5 hoursĀ 

Incomplete hours:

  • Light Green: If the total hours logged or planned for that day are under that threshold.
  • Red: If a user hasn't logged any hours at all, the box will show as red.

Decide if you want to see everyone's hours or if you'd like to only see those who have incomplete timesheets:

Set the threshold for your team:

Thresholds are set for both logged and planned hours:

Decide which timeframe you'd like to view the hours from (Week, Month, Custom date).

Click any box to see the hours logged for that day.

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