Timely's iOS GPS tracker lets you track exactly where you’ve been and for how long. It's super helpful when you have loads of client meetings, need to track time spent traveling for work, or just want to see how long you spend in the office each day. 

Enable iOS GPS tracking

To start tracking your location, simply head to Settings at the bottom-right of your menu and turn on "GPS Tracking."

See tracked locations

Your tracked locations will appear in your Memory Timeline. It records the exact duration you stay in each location, provided you stay there for more than five minutes:

Create quick time entries

You can push tracked locations directly from your timeline to your timesheet. Say you were in a coffee shop for 40 minutes for a meeting and want to log that time; just select the tracked location for that period and tap "Create Entry". You can edit and add as many notes as you please before committing it to your timesheet.

Other Related Questions

Why are Addresses only showing up for my location?
Addresses are only showing up because GPS tracking registers your location based on your actual GPS coordinate, assigning that address to your location.

Can I name the address as a location?
No, it's something we are looking into but if you'd like this feature, write in and let us know!

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