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Creating a report of hours tracked in Timely is quick and easy. Clicking Reports on the left hand navigation bar will take you to the Report view:

Any report in Timely is based on the 5 different inputs located on the top of the report:


Want a report for only one user, part of the team, or everyone? Just check any user you want to include in the report in the drop-down menu on the left.


Pick the month of December, last week, or a custom range date in the time selector located under users.


Do you want all logged hours or only hours logged under a certain client or project? Use the search field to find the project you need to report on and select it from the drop-down menu.


Select different tags to see where you've been allocating your time. Use the search field to find a tag or select tags from the drop-down menu. Read more on how to create tags


Decide if you'd like to report on all hours, just planned hours, logged hours, include  your notes, or keep the monetary value attached. So many options!

Directly download your Reports!!

At the top of the page, you can choose between exporting your report as an Excel file or a PDF.

If Timely thinks the report is too large to directly download, it will send the report to your Timely-registered e-mail address within a few minutes.

Other Related Questions:

How do I get my reports to include decimals?

We recommend that you generate your reports in Excel to include decimals!

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