Your client is asking for a snapshot of how a project is coming along and wants to see the budget status right away! 🙈 Back when you were tracking time manually this was enough to give you a case of the 💦 sweats.  With Timely, the Project Overview page gives you all the information you need to send your client to Easytown. 

Whether you're a freelancer or manage a team, it's important to understand how a project is progressing at every stage. The Project Overview page provides the essential stats needed to help keep your client in the loop, stay on budget, plan your time, and allocate resources for your team. 

Simply head to the Projects page in Timely and click on a specific project's name to be redirected to the Project Overview page. 

Here you'll see:

  • Total Logged Time
  • Total Planned Time
  • Total Unbilled Hours
  • The Budget Progress by Percentage
  • Total Budget Set for the Project
  • Budget Worked (or Spent)
  • Budget Remaining
  • Logged and Planned entries per User

Once you've looked at the Project Overview and have a bigger picture of how things are progressing, you can take a screenshot of the Overview bar or simply export the report* to send it to a client. You might want to exclude any planned time first, since it's mainly included to help you understand your profit or loss, and is of little relevance to clients. 

*Note: Reports generated from the Project page will only reflect data for Active Users

Create a project-specific report

Let's say you need to get down to the smallest details to get a better idea of where you and your team stand on a project. How many hours have you and other users logged on the project? How many more hours are planned for this month? 

Just use the drop-downs to add or remove filters and create a report to your exact specifications. 

Select a Time Frame 📅

The default time frame is set to "Unrestricted", providing you with all data since the project began. You can change this by clicking on the calendar icon and selecting the time frame you'd like to see. You can filter by Day, Week, Month, Year or create a custom view:

Drop-Down Filters

Create a report to see the project status for one user, a group of users or a whole team. You can choose to see logged and planned hours & money, tags, notes, dates and more! 

This will give you a nuanced look at what's going on with a project at any given time. 

Pro Tip: To get a better idea a better idea of your Profit or Loss, we would exclude Planned Times from the Report and focus on the logged hours!  

Exporting your Report

Once you've created the report you want, you can export it directly from the Projects page to an Excel or PDF file.  A report filtered by user, for example, will give you a summary of the total logged hours for that user within the selected time frame.

Now you know how the Project Overview page can keep clients up-to-date on the status of a project, and provide you with the tools you need to make sure you and your team are on-track to meet your goals! 

Armed with this information, Admin and Normal level users can now go to the Company View page to allocate hours to users assigned to any given project!

Learn More:
If you've invoiced a client with the report you generated, learn how to Bulk Update your billed hours directly from the Project Details page! 🔥

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