It can be difficult to know which hours have been invoiced and which ones haven't. Timely solves this by letting you mark hours as billed on your project's page.

If you open a project, you'll see all your tasks in a timeline view. You'll be able to see the total time billed or unbilled.

How do I mark my hours billed?

On the side you'll have check boxes to select which hours you'd like to mark as billed, unbilled, or bulk update.

Check off the tasks you want to mark as either Billed or Unbilled and click Update.

All hours marked as billed will get a separate look and a new icon to differentiate them from the rest. Notice hours are highlighted green and have a ✅ 

Other Related Questions

How can I be sure that once hours are billed they aren't adjusted?

Once you mark hours as billed, the hours are then "locked" from being changed by Normal and Limited users. Only Admins on the account have access to make an adjustment to an already marked as billed hour.

Can I report on hours Marked as Billed?

You can and you can do it direct from the Project's page and in Reports. Read more on How do I make a report?

Can I bulk update many hours at once?

Absolutely. Bulk updating hours is great for when you need to apply a particular tag to many hours on several different users. 

Use the checkboxes on the left hand side, just like when you mark hours as billed. Select which tags you want to apply to the hours selected. Hit update. 

*You can also bulk delete hours if you need to. We recommend that you use this feature carefully as once you delete hours, you cannot get them back.

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