Creating Projects Step-by-Step

When you select Projects from the side navigation bar, you'll be taken to an overview of your projects. This is where you can access your projects to view their details and edit users and hourly rates. By clicking on "..." at the end of the project, you can edit, archive or delete projects completely. 

To create a new project, click on the big shiny green button in the upper left-hand corner.

Clicking 'New Project' button will open a window that let's you input all the data you need for the project.

Here's a breakdown of what all those fancy fields mean:

Project Name: It's usually wise to chose a project name that describes the task you are tracking time for. There's no need to name the client since projects are always organized under a client anyway. Some of our customers are very specific in their project names, e.g. "Front End Website Design Phase 2" while others organize their projects in more general terms and would call the same project "Website." Whatever you chose, remember that you can specify your entries with tags later.

Project Color: This option helps you distinguish projects visually from one another on your timesheet. You can choose one of the nice colors picked out by us or make one yourself with the custom color picker! 😱

Client: This is where you assign the project to a client. A client is who you're billing your hours to, or your own company if the hours will be used to track internal work. 

Tags: Many users have asked for sub-projects, sub-task, or just a simple way to track phases of their projects. Here you can allow or require certain tags to only be used on the project; these are known as Project tags. Read more about Project tags.

Hourly rate: As an administrator you can set a general hourly rate on a project or specify an individual rate for other users. Using individual rates can be especially handy if you or your company is on a retainer/money budget since you'll get a live overview of project progress at any time. It's also important to note that changing the hourly rate on a project will cause all hours previously logged on that project to be changed as well.

User Access: Ticking off the boxes next to each user will allow that user access to the project. If you chose individual rates in the last option, you'll be able to specify your desired rates as well.

Budget Type: You can choose between a Time or Money budget. While the Time Budget will only summarize all hours spent on a project to calculate the progress, the Money Budget will also take the differing hourly rates into account.

Great! Now you are ready to create an entry and log your time!

Read more about "What is a project?"

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