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A client is who you're doing work for on a project or billing your project's hours to. Any work you've done for a client is digestible through Reports.

Creating a new client is fast and extremely easy. In order to create a new client, you need to create a project to go with that client. Projects and clients go hand in hand, they cannot exist without each other.

Other Related Questions:

Can I edit and update a client's name?

Yes, you totally can! Just click on the "Manage Client" button on the Project page and the click "Edit Client" and...BOOM! 💥  Done!

Is there a limit on how many clients I can have?

Nope! You can have as many clients as you want.

Can I delete clients?

You're able to archive clients, but not delete them. If you created a client name by mistake, you can change the name to something different, or archive the client. To access your archived clients, click on the "Manage Client" button on the Project page and then toggle to the "Archived clients" using the dropdown menu.

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