Tracking the time to manage your tasks just got a whole lot easier when connecting Memory with Trello! All of your Trello cards you created, edited, or moved each day will show up in on the Memory timeline.

If you move several cards within 10 minutes, the cards add to the scrollable list within the Memory pop-up.

How it works

  • Lets you see any card you created
  • Lets you see any card moved
  • Lets you see any card edited

Close up of a Trello Memory

Hover to view the content of the Trello cards and scroll to see more.

Get Trello Connected:

Connect Trello from the App page inside of Timely Settings.

Click on the Trello application and "Connect new account to Timely."

Make sure to ALLOW Timely to access your Trello Account.

 That's it! You did it and now your Trello account is connected to Timely!

Other Related Questions:

How do I disconnect Trello from Timely?

Pshhh, disconnecing your Trello account from Timely is easy as pie. All you need to do is click "Remove account" in red.

1. ) Jump on over to your Trello account. Select your profile picture, clicking on the Settings option.

2.) Once you're there, scroll down to where it says Timely.Click to Revoke the access.

3.) Now Trello will be fully disconnected from Timely!

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