Moves is a great app to track every place you've been! Imagine you had a last minute meeting that wasn't on the books, but had to jet over to the location right away; Moves has got you covered! You'll be able to see where you've been and how long you've been there with our Moves integration. Just click on the memory that Moves creates in the timeline and log your hours in no time!

Get Moves connected

  1. Login to Timely
  2. Click on Memory Integrations in your upper right corner
  3. Select Moves GPS

You'll be brought to this page where you can then connect your Moves account:

You will then need to open up the Moves app on your phone. 

Once you're on your phone, there's an option to enter a pin number. This pin number will give Timely access to your Moves account and geo-location.

Entering the pin number into your phone:

  • Tap on the Moves icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. 
  • Then tap on Connected Apps.
  • On the next screen, you will be able to enter the pin number you were given.

Make sure to Allow Timely to access your Moves account so it appears in Memory. 

Rules for Moves:

Make sure to name the places in Moves so that the actual location shows up in your Memories. Otherwise, you'll end up with a bunch of street names instead of actual places.

You can search locations within Moves when naming a place. 

*Note: You cannot search for a location within Timely. It must be done in Moves.

Other Related Questions:

Moves is connected but not sending in my movements, how can I fix this?

  1. Reinitiate a connection:
    Try going into your Moves app on your phone. That initiates a refresh to the moves app and reconnects it to Timely, sending your movement info.
  2. Disconnect the integration all together
  • Go to the Move app settings in Timely and remove Move's from Timely
  • Go to your Move's mobile app and revoke Timely's access
  • Reconnect the app following the steps above

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