Jotting down your time for all the projects you completed today is a breeze when hooking up Asana with Timely. 

How it works

  • Lets you see all the tasks you complete for an Asana project
  • Lets you see what time you completed the task at
  • If you mark several tasks as complete within 10 minutes, they'll be listed within the Asana memory.

Get Asana Connected:

Connect Asana from the App page inside of Timely Settings.

Click on the Asana application and "Connect new account to Timely."

 Grant Timely permission to access your Asana account by clicking "Allow."

Once you've allowed Timely to access your Asana account, your name and e-mail will show they are connected!

Now you can add all your completed tasks from Asana right into Timely! BOO-YA!

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