Memory is both a product and a section inside of Timely. It automatically tracks everything you do on your computer throughout the day, and imports the data into a beautiful timeline. In order to use Memory, you'll need to first install the Memory Tracker for Mac or Memory Tracker for Windows.

The Memory Tracker

The Memory Tracker is an application made by Timely and is used together with the Memory page inside of Timely. It is downloaded to your computer, where it can then record and map out any file you've worked on, website you've visited, event you've attended, or place you've gone. With the Memory Tracker, you'll get a complete picture what you've accomplished throughout your day.

Other Questions:

Can I use other apps with Memory?

Yes! Currently, we support several apps including: Google Calendar, Office 365, Gmail and GPS for iOS and Android. When you connect these apps, Memory will show specific events you've scheduled or places you've been to inside of the Memory Timeline.

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