What is the Memory Tracker for Windows?

Memory tracker is an automatic time tracking tool that captures your computer activities and uploads them to a beautiful timeline. It records and then maps out any file you've worked on or website you've visited on your computer, event you've attended, and place you've gone. It all happens in the background, so you are able to focus on your real work. With the Memory tracker, you'll get a complete picture of what you've worked on throughout your day.

How do I set up the Memory Tracker for Windows?

First, you'll need to download the Memory Tracker for Windows. You can download the tracker in three different spots in Timely:

1.) When creating your account for the first time, you'll be prompted with the option to download the Memory Windows Tracker in set-up. Click on the big green Download Memory button. 

2.) If you choose to opt out of installing Memory when creating your account, that's okay because you can download it later. While in the Memory Timeline, click on the Memory Apps dropdown menu and select Memory Tracker for Windows.

3.) The final place to download the tracker is from the Accounts tab. Just select the Download Memory Tracker for Windows link.

Once you've downloaded the tracker, you'll want to save the zip file.

Then allow the Memory Tracker for Windows to run on your PC.

You might get a message saying Windows protected your PC and a button that says 'Don't run'. To get around that, click on More info, then Run Anyway. See image below:

The reason this shows up is because we haven't had any apps on Windows before and thus we are marked as unknown. We have to have a few downloads and some time before it accepts us as a trusted developer. 

Allow Timely to make changes to your device by selecting 'Yes'.

Now you can launch the Memory Tracker!

It will show up in your menu bar, as well.

Sign in with your Timely account e-mail and password.

Remember to turn the tracking ON so you can be sure to catch every minute of time that you're working.

If you want the tracking off, just toggle the button back to the left and it will turn off. When the tracker is off, Timely doesn't collect any data. Just be sure to turn it back on when you need to track your hours!

Check off "Launch on Startup" so you never miss a billable hour again!

We think it's a really great idea to have this selected. This way, you won't forget to turn your tracker on after shutting down your computer!

Other Questions:

What are the OS requirements for Windows?

From Windows 7 and up!

What apps work with Memory?

Yes! Google Calendar, Office 365/Outlook Calendar, Gmail, Todoist, Trello, Asana, GitHub currently work with Memory. Timely's GPS tracker data for Android and iOS uploads to your timeline as well!

Do I need to reinstall the the tracker every time there is an update?

No, there is an auto-update that runs every hour.

I'm in a large company and I'm having trouble downloading the Window Tracker, what do I do?

If you get a message saying you need admin rights to your server/network to install the app. Contact your IT Admin and have them activate this .msi file:


That should create a machine-wide installation, it will install the app on login for all users. They can also run: Setup.exe --machine. 

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