We know that the MOST boring, dreaded, routined task in the modern workplace is filling out your timesheet. Constantly annoyed that you’re nagged by your client or boss for your timesheet to "show your work"? Tired of having to hound your team to get their hours submitted? Sigh–Relief. Rejoice! Envision your world, your life, without such a snooze-worthy activity as manual timesheets.😴

💨POOF! Gone. Now experience the reality! ✨

⚡️Power-up with AI Time Tracking⚡️

We live in a world where every minute counts. We need to make sure every minute is accounted for, but our human error keeps us from accomplishing this. We simply cannot remember everything we do in a day, nor should we ever have to. Memory AI solves this by making sense of your chaotic busy workday, putting it into a simplified time entry, so you don't have to. No more manual timesheets means no more wasting time on busy work.

Ignite Automation

To use Memory AI, you'll need to:

  1.  Install the Memory Tracker (available for both Mac and Windows). 
  2. Connect your favorite apps: Google, Office 365, Trello, Github, Asana, etc. (optional but highly recommended)
  3. Sign in and turn the tracking on (tracker will look different on Windows):

✅ Approve your hours

Every hour you accept or reject allows our algorithm to learn, become smarter, and eventually be able to suggest your entire timesheet automatically for you. Memory AI, will understand your preferences, how you like your memories to be grouped, which tag or task groupings belong to, and under what project it should fall.

👆Suggested Entry Example:

Jane is at a client's office having a meeting with Amy doing a sales presentation. Based on the information collected by the Memory Tracker, Memory AI will suggest a timesheet entry for you.

How can I tell a Memory AI suggested entry apart from one I created myself?

For our first version, until you assign them to a project, entries created by our AI will be shown in a dark grey. The note on the entry will indicate the entry derived from Memory AI. Suggested time entries will also display a zig-zag bar on the left hand side of your timeline.

Watch the video here

Other Related Questions

Do I have to approve my suggested time entry right away?

Memory AI learns, so if you log hours into Timely at the end of every day, Memory will know to suggest your entries at the end of the day, making it most convenient for you to log your hours.

When will the Memory AI suggested entry start to show?

For now suggested entries will only show for yesterday and backwards.

What happens if I'm done for the day and no suggestions show up?

Timely will display the Memory AI suggestions for you the next day, don't worry, you'll see them populate when you open up Timely again. *Coming soon are notifications to tell you when your entry is ready!

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