Creating an entry in Memory is so fast you that if you blink, you might actually miss logging your hours! Follow the steps below to get the hang of supercharging your time tracking!

  1. Click on the Memory (event) within the Timeline. That memory (event) will automatically be highlighted for the period of time you spent creating the memory. The title of the memory will be added to the entry's notes. 
  2. If you want to extend the time you spent on a memory, just drag the transparent "marker." 
  3. Fill in any addtional notes you want to include to explain what you worked on for that timesheet entry.
  4. Add the project you were working on.
  5. Select a tag (not required).
  6. Hit save!

Check out this GIF! 

For a full demo watch the video

See, now wasn't that a piece of cake??? Great, now take a piece for the road! 🍰

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