Each entry (task) you create in Timely belongs to a project. 

A project is a simple way to organize the work you do for your clients (or even your internal non-billable time). 

There are two types of projects in Timely:

  • Active projects: These projects will show up in your project list when you are creating your time entries. Active projects are project you are currently and actively working on. 
  • Archived projects: Projects you are no longer working on and are finished with but want to retain the entries associated with the project. 

It's good practice to archive them so your project page doesn't get cluttered.

Other Related Questions

Is there a limit on tasks per project?
There are no limits on the amount of entries you can create or assign to a project.

Can you combine or link two projects together?
No you cannot. The best way to "link" projects is to have them fall under the same client.

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