If you have a slew of different colors that you use for your projects, you'll probably see a rainbow highlighting all your Memories. 

These stripes of color are linked to the selected project on your logged entries in your timesheet. This is to help you understand what memories have been added to your timesheet at a glance.

You can also easily see where you might have missed or forgotten to log your hours. By color coordinating your entry to the timeline, all those holes in your day will easily be accounted for.

If something has been logged twice, you'll see that the colors overlap and are a bit darker.

How do I change the color of my project?

You can change the color of your project by editing your project.

  • Head over to the Project page
  • Click on "..." at the end of the project you want to edit and Select 'Edit'
  • Select Project Color
  • Use the color picker to customize the color you want
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