Who doesn't love saving a bit of money here or there?!?! 😃 So, what we have in Timely are two types of discounts.

1.) Automatic discount (applied to Timely plans)

  • 10% discount applied only when signing up for yearly subscription.
    Saves you $16.80 per user per year on your account 😱 it's amazing!

2.) Student discounts

Send us a note in our chat support and we'll help you out.

  • Students must provide a valid student ID and use their valid student e-mail to sign up.

Have more questions about Plan and Pricing?

Drop us a line at sales@timelyapp.com with answers to the questions below:

  • Who you are, what do you do? (Gush to us about how awesome your company is and what you're up to!)
  • How many folks will be tracking time?
  • How did you hear about Timely?
  • What was your motivation in finding a time tracking tool?
  • How could you introduce Timely to others around you?
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